Viscosity Controller (CE)

Viscosity Controller (CE)
Product Code: UT-SCS-550

The UT-SCS-550 viscosity controller is designed to control a stable ink concentration, theconcentration of solvents during printing and is built for best ink / solvent concentration during operation.

Reliable operation can result in substantial reduction of material cost. The unit can be employed as an auto blending device in ink blending.

When controlling the ink solvent concentration, the unit provides different sound alarm modes (continuous or intermittent) for various statuses.

Designed as an explosion proof system, the electric controls and flow line of solvent are sseparated completely and uses pneumatic valves.

The system allows direct measurement of the fluid materials.Additionally it can be equippd with an oil mist re-collection device which will avoid product pollution by greasy dirt...


◆ 除濃度控制機能外,更可同時監測溶劑、塗佈缺料狀態,以不同聲響(持續或斷續)發出警報。

◆ 防爆系統設計,電控與溶劑流程完全分開,並使用氣動閥。

◆ 可直接測得原料流體之濃度值。

◆ 附油霧回收裝置,以防止產品受到油漬污染。

◆ 控制面板功能一目了然,操作簡單,LED液晶顯示面板全球首創。

◆ 附活動腳輪,移動方便,可剎車固定定位。