Doctor Blade

Doctor Blade
Product Code: UT-DRAW

Made by stainless. The doctor blade has proved most successful in proof printing on copper cylinders and of course in production printing on chromium plated cylinders.

NO. SPC(mm) Carbon Steel Staniless Steel
1 0.076x10 ˇ  
2 0.102x10 ˇ  
3 0.15x8 ˇ  
4 0.15x10 ˇ  
5 0.15x20 ˇ ˇ
6 0.15x22 ˇ  
7 0.15x25 ˇ  
8 0.15x30 ˇ ˇ
9 0.15x32 ˇ  
10 0.15x35 ˇ ˇ
11 0.15x38 ˇ  
12 0.15x40 ˇ ˇ
13 0.15x50 ˇ ˇ
14 0.15x60 ˇ  
15 0.20x10    
16 0.20x20 ˇ  
17 0.20x30 ˇ ˇ
18 0.20x32 ˇ  
19 0.20x35 ˇ ˇ
20 0.20x38 ˇ  
21 0.20x40 ˇ ˇ
22 0.20x45 ˇ  
23 0.20x50


24 0.20x60 ˇ