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Soft Acicular Anti Static Device(CE)

Soft Acicular Anti Static Device(CE)
Product Code: UT-SASD

Soft acicular anti-static devices feature high performance, high security and flexible installation methods, comprising one or two soft acicular anti-static rods, and a 5KV anti-static generator. Different from traditional acicular anti-static rods that use a single stainless steel needle to discharge static charge, the single discharging needle unit of a soft acicular anti-static rod is comprised of up to a hundred carbon fiber filaments, to dramatically extend discharging range, and hence enhance its anti-static efficiency.

In installation, the installation distance of a soft acicular type can reach as far as 30 centimeters, which is 10 times more than the traditional acicular type, which is a very flexible approach for users, saving them trouble in production flows caused by installation distance. It can be used to adapt to a wide variety of combinations on machines for various industrial manufacturing purposes, for instance, printing machines, packaging machines, photoelectric machines and textile machines.

In safety, most traditional anti-static generators are 10 to 13KV, while the soft acicular anti-static rod working with a 5KV generator can reduce safety hazards resulting from hypertension discharge, without compromising anti-static performance due to reduced voltage.

In performance, traditional anti-static devices have a limited efficiency rate, at approximately 60%~70%. The optimal efficiency of the soft acicular anti-static device, when an appropriate number of modules are installed optimal locations, can be as high as 80% or more. (Actually, surveyed readings may depend on customer’s working environment, materials, machine speed and hygrometric conditions on the day of measurement).

Our soft acicular anti-static rod has been awarded patent rights in the Republic of China (invention patent certificate No. I 315166) and the People’s Republic of China (new design patent certificate No. 1840367). Besides domestic sales in Taiwan, our products are exported to dozens of countries and highly acclaimed by customers. We also provide anti-static consultancy service. Your comments are welcome.


The Soft Acicular Anti Static Device is particularly suitable for working conditions that have limitations to angles of installation, and it works very well!

Troubles and disasters in process that result from static can be reduced, e.g., film dispenser/collector of plastic film rolling machines, bag making machines, packing machines, soft packing machinery and shrinkable label inserting machines.


Soft Acicular Anti Static Bar Diamensions(size:mm)

Effective Length Total Length Effective Length Total Length
80 154 720 794
160 234 800 874
240 314 880 954
320 394 960 1034
400 474 1040 1114
480 554 1120 1194
560 634 1200 1274
640 714 1280 1354