Electro Fieldmeter

Product Code: TAKK-5740

  Model 5740 handheld static meter is the leading instrument of its class - quickly measuring negative and positive static electricity charges of up to 200,000 volts on surfaces at a recommended distance of 4 inches. Its superior accuracy, stability, ease of use, and quick response make it an ideal instrument for operational personnel when measuring and analyzing static charges.

  Model 5740 enables you to investigate and analyze static problems scientifically by showing where and how the static is generated, plus its magnitude and polarity. It also facilitates the most effective positioning of static control equipment and enables you to monitor equipment performance.

  One push button activates the power, zeros the initial reading, measures the static charge and maintains meter operation for the duration of your observation. Easy-to-read crystal display shows polarity and “lo batt” indication. Includes a 9 volt replaceable battery and carrying case. Certified to all applicable CE standards.

  Designed for use in Converting, Packaging, Plastics, Printing, Painting, Electronic Assembly and Textile Operations.

Product Features:

(1) Sensitivity: 0 – 200kV full scale, 100V resolution; 0 – 20kV full scale, 10V resolution
(2) Zero stability: Within 100V on full range
(3) Drift: Less than 1% in 10s at full scale deflection
(4) Accuracy: +Better than ⁄- 5%
(5) Display: 31⁄2 digit liquid crystal display of surface voltage in kilovolts at 4" with polarity and “LO BATT” indication
(6) Controls: Push button switch for “power on”
(7) Power supply: 9 volt replaceable battery (supplied)
(8) Earth Bonding (Ground): Unit equipped with 10' coiled ground lead with snap connection to case and alligator clip for connection to ground.Unit should be grounded to grounded machinery frame or earth grounded for most accurate results.
(9) Dimensions/Weight: 4.8" x 2.5" x 1", 6.35 ounces
(10) Case: Carrying case supplied